We simplify the management and auditing of company identities and accesses.

We were able to automate around 70% of activities related to identities and accesses. Your IT team can gain much more agility to focus on what's most important to your business.

A sua equipe de TI ganha agilidade para focar no que é mais importante para seu negócio.

Company mentioned as an “Honorable Mention” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Governance - 2019*

Over 500,000 identities managed daily. Gain agility and increase your level of security and governance related to identities and access

Discover the platform that simplifies your identity and access management and governance journey, delivered in the SaaS format. We use the highest security standards in the market, so you can improve security and governance while reducing costs and improving agility through automation.

Utilizamos os maiores padrões de segurança do mercado, assim você melhora a segurança e a governança enquanto reduz custos e melhora a agilidade por meio da automação.

Automate the release of access to new collaborators and third parties

Remove excess permissions, inadequacy between granted access versus function within the company

Review and identify improper access to systems and personal data without the use of spreadsheets

Automate the removal of all access as soon as an employee or third party is disconnected

Reduce IT department time on non-productive activities and increase your level of security

Self-service for resetting and unlocking accounts.

Make it easy to request or remove access as needed by your business.

Reduce your team's working time on identity and access management tasks.

Identifique credenciais e acessos indevidos, excesso de permissões, inadequação entre o acesso concedido versus a função dentro da empresa.

Resolva com agilidade e devida trilha de auditoria os acessos de colaboradores desligados e terceiros que encerraram sua prestação de serviços.

Interface web intuitiva para gestores e decisores.

Gestão simplificada do ciclo de vida de identidades.

Reduza custos decorrentes da execução manual de tarefas relacionadas à criação, manutenção e auditoria de identidades e acessos.

Control releases and access restrictions in a secure and automated manner on a single platform.

Control releases and access restrictions in a secure and automated manner on a single platform.

What our customers are saying about us:

“The platform met our expectations. The project has been conducted very satisfactorily and the team has proven to be competent and accessible.”

John Santos - J. Sleiman Group.

The security of your sensitive information starts with access control

Manually managing multiple systems, with different levels of access, is very complex, time consuming, and error-prone.

Working digitally, with cloud data and new systems at every moment, requires more security and auditing controls.

In the meantime, the marketing sector has access to personal data and the purchasing sector can access financial spreadsheets, for example.

How to ensure that no one can access what they shouldn't? Automating employee access profiles allows an increase in productivity while the company gains visibility and grants appropriate access to the most critical personal data and corporate systems.

Get access to a self-service portal for requesting access and resetting passwords.

Detect risks related to access granted and adopt control mechanisms.

Identify the sharing of
network or system passwords.

Keep your team focused on strategic tasks

Our platform allows any company to automate operational activities, reduce costs and increase the level of safety in the life cycle of its employees

Enable self-service password reset in a secure and centralized manner for all corporate systems

Centralize and facilitate the process of authorizing new access to systems whose granting depends on the approval flow.

Allow business areas to request access and, based on appropriate decisions and defined flows, grant (and remove) access quickly as needed by the business.


How much time does your team spend integrating a new employee into your systems?

How long does your new contractor/promotion sit waiting for new access?

Maintaining a large number of employees with correct and functional access is one of the functions that AccessOne already achieves at its installation.

Automate and improve enterprise-wide productivity

Automatically update personal data from HR (company, headquarters, sector, position, telephone, e-mail, etc.) in all integrated systems.

Reduce manual labor and costs associated with performing tasks related to creating, maintaining, and auditing identities and accesses.

Enable the automatic creation of credentials for new employees in the various corporate systems

Allow the creation of policies to grant automated access according to company, unit, department, position, type of employee, etc.

Avoid costs related to the delay in creating accounts and granting access requested by business areas.

Novo Desafio


Lack of agility due to heavy operational dependence on IT

Low governance maturity due to lack of processes and lack of adequate technology

Inadequate security level due to human errors and lack of access policy documentation



New Challenge


Lack of agility due to heavy operational dependence on IT

When a new employee is hired or needs new access, how soon does it take for them to receive all the access?


Low governance maturity due to lack of processes and lack of adequate technology

Are accesses to business systems and personal data regularly reviewed by managers and/or information owners?


Inadequate level of security due to human errors and lack of access policy documentation

When an employee shuts down or changes departments, are all their accesses removed or changed?

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